It’s ALL The Rage #1: Being told to “calm down”

Picture it: you are upset. You are trying your best to communicate with someone why something has angered or disturbed you. Maybe you’re crying, maybe your face is red, maybe you’re hyperventilating because your emotions feel like a sheer rock face that is slowly advancing towards you. And someone utters the words, to your face, in front of God and everyone, “Calm. Down.”


You couldn’t think of anything else to say? What about “Hey, I have chocolate.”? What about “Remember that Jeremy Renner used to be a makeup artist and contains multitudes.”? What about “Yes, tears/shouting/anger is power, unlimited power, channel and revel in it. Learn to know the dark side of the Force, and you will be able to save your wife from certain death.”?

“Ohhhh, I should calm down, huh? Interesting. Had not considered that.” Trust I have the intelligence to think of that option. Trust that the thought, “Oh, would I rather not be this way?” has crossed my mind and I have either rejected it or am unable to achieve it. You are adding nothing to my life by saying you don’t want to deal with my emotions.

This all sets aside the fact that there are times when we absolutely should NOT calm down. Sometimes, the world (or our personal world) is truly falling apart. Why be calm? Why artificially tamp our true feelings down? It’s not yelling fire in a crowded theater *if the theater is actually on fire.*

So here’s a mantra for every time you’re told to calm down. “Fuck off, I’ll feel how I want.” And then, if you’re able, transform super saiyan style. (And plz inbox us how to do this, we are very jealous.)

Being told to calm down: It’s all the rage.